Personal Stories *

( ) June 29, 2011

Sandra Huerta lost her son due to gang violence. Her story was devastating and she didnt get justice.  She stated that her son Sergio Jr felt like he was the familys protector. He had heard that his aunt and her childern had been beaten by her boyfriend. So he confronted him and thought that was the end of it. Little did he know what was in store. The boyfriend had came to the grandmas house where Sergio was staying and retaliated. He had brought some buddies to the house and they had instigated a fight in which Sergio Jr was stabbed in the heart. Hes a free man according to huerta there was no record that he was involved in the death. ( Thomas Alva Edison High School goes into the girl violence thats been going on within the school through a period of time) ( This video speaks and shows a girl being brutally beaten by two girls who have burned her, cut her hair and physically injured her) ( 8 teens had beaten up one girl and faced serious consequences )



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2 responses to “Personal Stories *

  1. wow this is crazzzzzy , the videos were just desvastating !

  2. Reneida

    WOWWWWWW those videos were shocking and that story about sandras son is so sad !!!!!

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