My Whole Out Look On Gang Violence *

Day by Day on these social networks I see to many R.I.P statuses. It breaks my heart because point blank death isnt something light. Kids my age or a few years younger are dying over unnessecary things. One result is because of gang violence. The whole my team is better then your team or my hood is better then your hood or my race is better then your race is a bunch of buffonary. Its ridiculous, especially the reasons why people get involoved with gangs. We need more public speakers to inform kids about prevention of gang violence and to let young kids know that their lives are vaulable. Us teens need to get informed more, not just from other people who we barely know but from our families and friends. Deaths are the worst things that our world can possibly face. But the fact that kids are getting seriously injured over gang jumpings are crazy and ridiculous as well. Hitting an individual with a bat, burning them, cutting their hair, bullying, and physically/emotionally/mentally screwing with someone is not right nor cool. Sucucides are the outcome. So please spread the word and stop the violence for our future lives that we will live.




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3 responses to “My Whole Out Look On Gang Violence *

  1. jesus

    i agree with this statement, excellent work!

  2. Bri you did a great job, on your blog I think gang voilence is such an important topic that needs to be addressed, and you did great job girl!

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