Why ? … Why I believe gang violence happens !!

I believe gang violence happens because its all about what people are influence by, what people are used to, who people be around, the type of environment, what someone is being taught or possibly even home issues. I know for a fact that majority of people in gangs join them because they are trying to prove something such as being tuff. Those who have been bullied tend to turn to gangs for guidance, protection and love. Self issues or even home issues can pertain to someone who is in a gang. That specific inner anger leads them to want to do violence. Gangs is a place where they are at home, where they feel wanted and where they feel protected. Gang violence happens because sometimes that’s a rule some have to maintain in order to get in a gang or stay in a gang. Reputation and tuffness is what needs to be visualized for other gangs to see, so that they can be feared.
– Gang violence was never cool nor cute. Just be YOURSELF !! . There are people out there that will protect you and love you for you. Gangs lead to death and that was never acceptable.


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