Lastly Interviews : peoples opinions on gang violence

FYI these students names will be anonoymous :

           I feel that gangs are pointless as well as violence                                                                                                                –  anonoymous

           I agree with you that more kids should be informed about gang violence, I feel like its suddenly  increasing                                 

                                                            –  anonoymous

           Kids arent influenced in a positive light sometimes, thats why they do the bad things they do now, like joining gangs and stuff                                                                                                                – anonoymous

            I personally feel like whoever is in a gang isnt confident within themselves, they use the gang to  boost themselves                

                                                               – anonoymous



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Organizations for Prevention of Gang Violence*

However if I havent met your needs or you havent got enough information/facts  from me, you can call in to these places.

* some of these organizations are from different places



2nd Call
Skipp Townsend, Intervention Specialist
PO Box 191476
Los Angeles, 90019

AADAP/Youth and Family Programs
3210 W. Jefferson Blvd.
Los Angeles, Ca 90018
323.766.5541 Tel
323.766.5546 Fax

Brian Center, Executive Director

PO Box 86013
Los Angeles, CA 90086

Advancement Project Los Angeles
Connie Rice, Co-Director
1545 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 800
Los Angeles, CA 90017
213.989.1300, 213.989.1309

( – New York City Services


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My Whole Out Look On Gang Violence *

Day by Day on these social networks I see to many R.I.P statuses. It breaks my heart because point blank death isnt something light. Kids my age or a few years younger are dying over unnessecary things. One result is because of gang violence. The whole my team is better then your team or my hood is better then your hood or my race is better then your race is a bunch of buffonary. Its ridiculous, especially the reasons why people get involoved with gangs. We need more public speakers to inform kids about prevention of gang violence and to let young kids know that their lives are vaulable. Us teens need to get informed more, not just from other people who we barely know but from our families and friends. Deaths are the worst things that our world can possibly face. But the fact that kids are getting seriously injured over gang jumpings are crazy and ridiculous as well. Hitting an individual with a bat, burning them, cutting their hair, bullying, and physically/emotionally/mentally screwing with someone is not right nor cool. Sucucides are the outcome. So please spread the word and stop the violence for our future lives that we will live.



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Personal Stories *

( ) June 29, 2011

Sandra Huerta lost her son due to gang violence. Her story was devastating and she didnt get justice.  She stated that her son Sergio Jr felt like he was the familys protector. He had heard that his aunt and her childern had been beaten by her boyfriend. So he confronted him and thought that was the end of it. Little did he know what was in store. The boyfriend had came to the grandmas house where Sergio was staying and retaliated. He had brought some buddies to the house and they had instigated a fight in which Sergio Jr was stabbed in the heart. Hes a free man according to huerta there was no record that he was involved in the death. ( Thomas Alva Edison High School goes into the girl violence thats been going on within the school through a period of time) ( This video speaks and shows a girl being brutally beaten by two girls who have burned her, cut her hair and physically injured her) ( 8 teens had beaten up one girl and faced serious consequences )


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What Are Ways To STOP Gang Violence

– Make marches in your community or school.

– Public speak, take the time out to go to schools, community centers, camps, or even basketball courts.

– Make t-shirts and/or signs to represent.

– Make websites.

-Update  a facebook page, twitter or myspace page.

– Be a good person yourself and dont be violence, that can be influencial to younger possible even older kids.

–       OR create a wordpress  like me !! ❤

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How ??.. how does gang violence happen !!

Ok, I know we are all aware of WHAT my post are about [ Gang Violence ].  However, how the whole gang violence proccess is working is tremendously the issue.  The people involved in the gangs are causing violence by uing their hands, fist, feet to hurt others. They also use weapons such as poles, knives, sticks, rocks/bricks and GUNS. Guns is the main weapon that kills these teens, who is involved rather.

This is what gang violence looks like.

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Where ?.. where does gang violence happen !!

Gang violence happens on the streets. Mainly where there are projects and hoods.

This is what the hood streets look like.

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